Meet rooban, 

 A published photographer hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over nearly a decade, he has cultivated a passion for storytelling through visual mediums, infusing his unique aesthetic into every project, both visually and conceptually. Rooban's journey took an extraordinary turn when he became the mentee of the master photographer Raghu Rai in India, a privilege that shaped his artistic perspective.

His works, a testament to his craft, have graced the pages of various magazines worldwide. Expanding his horizons, Rooban has ventured into a new chapter as the founder of ROAMCULT, a travel brand based on curating epic adventures to offbeat paths. As the architect of ROAMCULT, Rooban seamlessly blends a passion for photography with a profound love for exploration, curating expeditions that transcend traditional boundaries. With a dedication to exploring diverse landscapes since a young age, Rooban curates expeditions that go beyond freezing moments in time.  ROAMCULT becomes a canvas for shared experiences, a celebration of the world's wonders, and an invitation for backpacking enthusiasts to embark on transformative journeys with a global community of adventurers.